Class Project: Social Media News Release

Disclaimer: This news release is in no way affiliated with Starbucks, its partners, or Autism Speaks. This is an assignment for a course and this information and quotes are purely fictional. NEWS RELEASE March 28, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STARBUCKS EXPANDS SOUTH ORANGE OUTREACH BY HOSTING APRIL AUTISM AWARENESS FUNDRAISER Coffee retailer provides interactive fundraiser to … More Class Project: Social Media News Release

The Social Media Landscape for President Esteban

Team Members: Olivia Lason and Brittany Neal Campaign Statement: Highlight Dr. Esteban’s accomplishments during his time at Seton Hall University and prepare the SHU community for the transition of leadership. Target Audiences: 1. Current students (freshman-seniors) of the main Seton Hall University campus 2. Seton Hall faculty and staff 3. Seton Hall alumni and network of the … More The Social Media Landscape for President Esteban

Talking about the SHU Transition

Over the weekend, multiple point of views were presented about SHU’s transition of presidential leadership. Using the hashtag #SHUTransition, I learned that many students were frustrated with the information the University has put out. DePaul University actually revealed Esteban’s leadership transition first on a live stream; Seton Hall, on the other hand, revealed the transition … More Talking about the SHU Transition

Makeup Trends in Three Blogs A creative blog with short posts on how to achieve fresh and soft makeup looks. A blog that creates reviews from drugstore to high-end brands and currents trends in the makeup industry. They also have a “monthly favorites” and those are my favorite reviews.  A personally run blog (and developed business) that provides … More Makeup Trends in Three Blogs

Inspiring Pirate Pride: A Blog for President Esteban

Communication is a two-fold process: it consists of at least two individuals, exchanging ideas among themselves. Digital forms of communication have challenged this definition, with online services such as e-mail shifting our day-to-day interactions. The communication landscape has slowly begun shifting away from the value of a face-to-face conversation and toward the value of the … More Inspiring Pirate Pride: A Blog for President Esteban