Talking about the SHU Transition

Over the weekend, multiple point of views were presented about SHU’s transition of presidential leadership. Using the hashtag #SHUTransition, I learned that many students were frustrated with the information the University has put out. DePaul University actually revealed Esteban’s leadership transition first on a live stream; Seton Hall, on the other hand, revealed the transition through a blast email and on their Twitter page. They could have used more platforms to their advantage — and stated explicitly whether or not there is a current list of candidates.

Here are my tweets from the event:

Below are two of my favorite tweets:

Marianne identified that Seton Hall has pursued the “no comment” approach; instead of informing the SHU community of the current state of affairs, they chose to praise Esteban’s legacy (which is reasonable). However, the approach seemingly backfired since they hadn’t announced any possible candidates.

With all the rumors, I thought it was humorous that Molly integrated the #Bridgegate Hashtag. With Christie’s reputation, we would hope that SHU would at least tell us if he was a candidate.


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