The Social Media Landscape for President Esteban

Team Members: Olivia Lason and Brittany Neal

Campaign Statement: Highlight Dr. Esteban’s accomplishments during his time at Seton Hall University and prepare the SHU community for the transition of leadership.

Target Audiences:
1. Current students (freshman-seniors) of the main Seton Hall University campus
2. Seton Hall faculty and staff
3. Seton Hall alumni and network of the last 10 years
4. Prospective students and family members interested in Seton Hall University.

Social Media Elements:


Targeted at current students of the Seton Hall campus:
1. President Esteban will become DePaul’s 12th president starting July 1, 2017. Learn more about his transition here: (insert weblink)

Targeted at Seton Hall alumni network:
2.”It has been a great honor to serve as Seton Hall’s president,” says President Esteban. He leaves the SHU community with a heavy heart, but with great impact.
(insert visual content, pictures of President Esteban’s influence: opening the parking deck, announcing the medical school, and engaging with students)


Targeted at current students:
1.  After six years of influencing the Seton Hall University community, President A. Gabriel Esteban has been appointed the next president of DePaul University. “I am leaving with a heavy heart but I am confident that the university’s tremendous progress in recent years will continue,” says President Esteban.

During his time, President Esteban transformed the Seton Hall community, increasing academic enrollment and the University’s rankings. President Esteban was at the helm in creating the University’s new School of Medicine as well as implementing the construction of an university welcome center.

At the moment, the University is unable to disclose any information regarding potential presidential candidates. Please look to our twitter page, @SetonHall, for more information once it becomes available. In the meantime, the president wishes to reassure the Seton Hall community that he will always #BleedBlue and looks forward to the upcoming graduation for the Class of 2018.

Visual Content: Seton Hall exclusive video — President Esteban addressing the Seton Hall Community in explaining his decision (including the message to the graduating class).

Targeted at prospective students:

Seton Hall University President, A. Gabriel Esteban, will become DePaul University’s first lay president beginning July 1, 2017. While Seton Hall’s Class of 2021 will not see President Esteban walking on the Green, the president’s legacy and influence on the Pirate community will be felt across university departments campus wide. How did the #EstebanLegacy help the careers of the Class of 2021? Take a look at our blog post (link here) and find out how President Esteban has ensured the success of his Pirate Blue community.

Visual Content: Photograph of President Esteban walking in the Green, speaking/laughing with students.

Blog Posts:

Targeted at Seton Hall faculty and staff:

1.  Author: President Esteban himself
Title: A Letter to My Community: This Is Not Good-Bye
Theme: This will be a personalized approach where President Esteban can connect with his university community. Instead of relying on uncontrolled social media outlets, President Esteban will be able to connect with the SHU community on a personal level. We recommend incorporating a short note about the President’s choice to leave the community — emphasizing the element that he wouldn’t leave the community if he knew they would not be successful without his leadership.

Targeted at Prospective Students:

2. Author: Office of the Provost
Title: Looking Forward to President Esteban’s Legacy: His Impact
Theme: A timeline and interactive chart that has highlighted each of Esteban’s accomplishments. More specifically, this will link to the Facebook post as a method students will use to see how their career interests have advanced at Seton Hall. Prospective students want to know their college of choice will advance them and, by showcasing how far the university has come, will reassure their interest in the university.  The timeline should include: the increased rankings, the establishment of the College of the Communication and the Arts, the founding of the Medical school, the addition to the parking deck, and the future construction projects to improve student life. These future projects should be integrated visually, with pictoral plans integrated into the blog post/website page.

DePaul Live Tweets:

Tweet #1: Coming up: LIVE tweets from the press conference with Dr. Gabriel Esteban (G.E.) on his announcement to become DePaul University’s 12th President.

Tweet #2:The Chair of DePaul’s Board of Trustees, William Bennett, will be conducting a conversation with an enthusiastic Dr. Esteban.

Tweet #3: When asked about his road to President of DePaul, G.E. says that his mantra became “…I made it a point to make sure that I outworked everyone” and that he went nationwide with that attitude.

Tweet #4: “I’m a strong believer in shared governance and that, I hope, is going to be the hallmark of one of the things that we do at DePaul…” – G.E. on approaching partnerships within the University and neighboring communities.

Tweet #5: G.E. will be making history as the first president of the University to not be a Vincentian Priest. On that topic he assures his values and Catholic mission align with the University’s. 

Potential Issues/Comments/Questions/Answers:

  • Your resignation seemed so unforeseen, what led you to leave?
    • The reason I chose to leave is not because I do not love Seton Hall but, because I felt like I did all I could do here. The President to follow me will only continue on the progress that has been made in the last seven years.
  • What happens next, who will lead the University?
    • What happens next is a thorough search to find the next president. It will be an international search to find only the best person fit for the position.
  • How involved will the University be in the search for a new president? Will students/faculty be allowed to voice their opinions?
    • Due to the influx of potential candidates, the Provosts Office and the Board of Trustees will initially take over the search. However, when the process gets down to a final few candidates, the public will be aware and will have their chance to voice their opinions.
  • When will a decision about who the next president will be made? Will it be a rushed process.
    • There is no certain timetable or estimate at this time. We all want the best for the University. Finding someone worth leading Seton Hall will take time but we will also want the position filled as soon as possible.
  • What things are going to change? Faculty, policies, protocols?
    • For now, Seton Hall will remain as great as it has always has been. With any change in leadership, there are changes in how thing operate. As of now, there are no real drastic changes going to be made. Values and our Catholic Mission will be the same as well.

Virtual Event:

Let’s #AskEsteban!
Subhead: Join President Esteban as he goes on Facebook Live and listens to YOUR questions. Tune in on February 22, 2017 at 3 p.m. on the Seton Hall Facebook page to learn more about the presidential transition and hear Esteban’s message to the Pirate community.

Our event focuses on using Facebook as the interactive medium to engage with all potential SHU audiences. Facebook Live is used to connect with both a young and older audience: people can live comment and react to the answers Esteban gives the community. This event would be hosted during the week, featuring the hashtag #AskEsteban, and would run for at least hour. Depending on the community interaction, the virtual event could still run for thirty minutes more. Any larger time frame will tire the President and have the threat of consistent repetition of the same questions.


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